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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
2016SSN simulation of a WideBand Line Model (With Full Phase Domain Fitting of Frequency Dependent Parameters)V1.0OpalRT0000
Nov-2016Python API ExampleV1.0OpalRT0000
2016CIGRE 3 - ​Simple case of fault on a transmission line (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0060
2016SSN Simulation of a Frequency Dependent Parameter Line (Marti-type)V1.0OpalRT0000
2018500 kV Bipolar HVDC Link (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000
Feb-2018Evaluation of Xd and Td Parameters of a Synchronous Machine (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000
Nov-2017Mutually Coupled Lines Test System (available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0000
2016IEEE 9 Bus SystemV1.0OpalRT0090
2016IEEE 39 bus demo for eMEGAsim/SSNV1.0OpalRT0000
2016Comparison of Induction Motor Startup with Different Rotor Designs (Available in Hypersim)V1.0JPEG0000
201638-bus 735 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0JPEG00380
2016MOV Protection in Series Compensated Network Using Iterations in SSNV1.0Unspecified0000
Feb-2018Texas 2000-bus synthetic data (OPAL-RT Rev.)v1Unspecified002000432
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 300-Bus Modified Test System-PowerWorld-19730069
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 118-Bus Modified Test System-DigSilent-9117254
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 118-Bus Modified Test System-PowerWorld-9117254
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 57-Bus Modified Test System-PowerWorld-42647
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 39-Bus Modified Test System-DigSilent-194910
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 39-Bus Modified Test System-PowerWorld-194910
Jul-2015Dynamic IEEE 30-Bus Modified Test System-PowerWorld-21366
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