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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
Nov- 200PNNL Taxonomy Feeders - Region 5 - Feeder 5-GridLabD4508700--
Nov- 200PNNL Taxonomy Feeders - Region 5 - Feeder 2-GridLabD6004500--
Nov- 200PNNL Taxonomy Feeders - Region 5 - Feeder 6-GridLabD45012000--
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E-9111819
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-PowerWorld-9111819
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-GE-PSLF-9111819
1-Jan-1976Circumsolar Radiation Data-Text-Data----
1979IEEE 24-Bus System-PowerWorld--2411
1979IEEE 24-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E--2411
1979IEEE 24-Bus System-GE-PSLF--2411
1-Jan-1980WEST Associates Solar Monitoring Network-Text-Data----
1-Jan-1981NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory – USA-Text-Data----
1-Jan-1981Solar Energy Meteorological Research and Training Sites Data Set-Text-Data----
1989IEEE 39-Bus System-PowerWorld--3910
1989IEEE 39-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E--3910
1989IEEE 39-Bus System-GE-PSLF--3910
1-Jan-1989Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center (MIDC)-Unspecified----
1-Jan-1990Spectral Solar Radiation Data Base-Text-Data----
3-Apr-1991National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Solar Data-Text-Data----
1-Dec-1991Circumsolar Radiation Data: The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Reduced Data Base-Text-Data----