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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
2020Synthetic Eastern Interconnect Model1.0PTI PSS058573784846873
2020Synthetic Western Interconnect Model1.0PTI PSS016328207582250
15-Jun-2020Bay_Area_Synthetic_Network0.8OPEN DSS2236226559449168690
2020Synthetic Texas Grid Model1.0PTI PSS054937336686
2020MIOHIN Synthetic Grid Model1.0Unspecified0740910192722
2020Synthetic Florida Grid Model1.0POWERWORLD042725658474
5-May-2020Item versioning. Test # 1-REDS0000
30-Oct-2020PGE Models - D0001 - Opal-RT formatVersion 1OpalRT15282661528
28-Oct-2020PGE Models - BU0001 - Opal-RT formatV1OpalRT17339873
28-Oct-2020PGE Models - AT0001 - Opal-RT formatV1OpalRT13161744316