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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
22-May-2017An Extended IEEE 118-Bus Test System With High Renewable Penetration-Other--118-
20124-Wire Delta Cases-MS-Word--4-
Apr-2010Neutral-Earth-Voltage (NEV) Test Feeder-MS-Spreadsheet4---
Jul-2010Comprehensive Distribution Test Feeder-Other----
22-May-2017EPRI Distribution System Simulator ckt51OpenDSS----
Feb-2014123 Bus Feeder-MS-Word--123-
4-Jan-201234 Bus Feeder-RDAP--34-
4-Jan-201213 Bus Feeder-RDAP--13-
Sep-201034 Bus Feeder-MS-Word--34-
4-Jan-201237 Bus Feeder-RDAP--37-