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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
4-Jun-2018PNWSGD Data Collection: Ellensburg, WA-Other0000
6-Jun-2018PNWSGD Data Collection: University of Washington Facilities Services Site Tests-Other0000
Jan-2017Standard eHS x64 Gen3 with I/OsV1.0OpalRT0000
Jan-2017Standard RT-XSG - eHS Without I/OV1.0OpalRT0000
Jan-2017Three-Phase Diode Bridge RectifierV1.0OpalRT0000
Oct-2016PMSM motor drive with 9 kHz vector control and open-phase test capabilityV1.0OpalRT0000
Sep-20169-level Motor Drive with Multi-winding Zig-zag Feeding Transformer (SSN)V1.0OpalRT0000
Sep-2016High-power PMSM Train Drive with 3-level NPC Inverter and 12-pulse Thyristor Rectifier (SSN)V1.0OpalRT0000
Jun-2017eHSx128 Gen3 with I/Os for OP5607: Three-Level NPC Converter with RLE LoadV1.0OpalRT0000
Jan-2017Three-Level NPC ConverterV1.0OpalRT0000
Sep-2016Boost and Two-Level BridgeV1.0OpalRT0000
Oct-2016ARTEMiS-SSN Inlined Time-stamped Bridge in Two-level VSC-based HVDC ApplicationsV1.0OpalRT0000
Oct-2016ARTEMiS-SSN Real-time Simulation of Back-to-back IGBT Current Source InvertersV1.0OpalRT0000
Oct-2016Low Inductance Rectifier Using Iterations in SSN (6-12-18 pulse cases)V1.0OpalRT0000
2016Naval Combat Survivability Testbed Model Using SSNV1.0OpalRT0302
Jul-2016Test Bench for Virtual Hybrid Car ECU SimulationV1.0OpalRT0000
Jan-2017Modeling a DC Motor Drive Using Simulink (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0000
Apr-2018FPGA-Based HIL/RCP Simulation of an Electric VehicleV1.0OpalRT0000
Mar-2017Electric Ship Onboard Power SystemV1.0OpalRT0000
Jan-2017Two Level inverter (Real Time)V1.0OpalRT0000
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