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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
10-Jun-2021Synthetic Distribution Grid Model for Eindhoven-Other--30422547
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4 Bus-OYOD-UnBal-OPEN DSS--4-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4 Bus-OYOD-Bal-Unspecified--4-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4Bus-GrdYD-Bal-OPEN DSS--4-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4 Bus-DY-Bal-OPEN DSS--4-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 37 Bus-Unspecified--37-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 34 Bus-OPEN DSS--34-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 13 Bus-OPEN DSS--13-
7-Sep-2018IEEE 123 Bus-OPEN DSS--123-
5-Jan-2019EPRI Distribution System Simulator ckt24-OPEN DSS2---
29-Jul-2019EPRI Distribution System Simulator ckt7-OPEN DSS14---
18-Feb-2020EPRI_DPV_J1 1800 kW PV in 11 locations-CIM--3434-
18-Feb-2020ACEP_PSIL 480-volt microgrid with PV, wind and diesel-CIM--8-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4 Bus-YD-Bal-OPEN DSS--4-
6-Apr-2018IEEE 4 Bus-YY-Bal-OPEN DSS--4-
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