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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
Nov-2017200-Bus 500 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT002000
6-Jul-20212016 Austin, TX (AUS)v1.0OPEN DSS----
6-Jul-20212016 Extended San Francisco Bay Area, CA (SFO)v1.0OPEN DSS----
6-Jul-20212016 Greensboro, NC (GSO)v1.0OPEN DSS----
10-Jul-20212017 Austin, TX (AUS)v1.0OPEN DSS----
10-Jul-20212017 Extended San Francisco Bay Area, CA (SFO)v1.0OPEN DSS----
10-Jul-20212018 Austin, TX (AUS)v1.0OPEN DSS----
10-Jul-20212018 Extended San Francisco Bay Area, CA (SFO)1.0OPEN DSS----
10-Jul-20212018 Greensboro, NC (GSO)v1.0OPEN DSS----
2016Introduction to Industrial Loads (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0Unspecified0000
1-Jan-2018Occupancy and Consumption Correlation Analysis DataVersion 1MS-Spreadsheet3551
30-Oct-2020PGE Models - PL0001 - Opal-RT format with Second-wise Net Load in MATLAB data formatVersion 1MATLAB1114934114
9-Dec-2016PHASOR-01: ePHASORsim basic model for balanced system (positive sequence)V1.0OpalRT-193910
12-Sep-2016PHASOR-03: ePHASORsim demo to import data files in PSS/e format (positive sequence)V1.0OpalRT0193910
9-Dec-2016PHASOR-05: Using Modelica-based FMUs with PSS/e input filesV1.0Unspecified0193910
22-Aug-2016Voltage Control of Power Grids Using Wide-Area Measurements and Model Predictive Control (MPC)V1.0OpalRT0193910