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Title: Illinois 200-Bus System: ACTIVSg200
Authors: Birchfield, A. B.
Xu, T.
Gegner, K. M.
Shetye, K. S.
Overbye, T. J.
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Texas A&M University Engineering
Abstract: Synthetic electric grid models are fictitious representations that are designed to be statistically and functionally similar to actual electric grids while containing no confidential critical energy infrastructure information (CEII). Some of these cases were developed with the support of the U.S. DOE ARPA-E Grid Data program; their support is gratefully acknowledged. A description of the initial algorithm used to develop these cases is given in: A. B. Birchfield; T. Xu; K. M. Gegner; K. S. Shetye; T. J. Overbye, “Grid Structural Characteristics as Validation Criteria for Synthetic Networks,” to appear in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. The ACTIVSg200 case is a 200 bus power system  test case that is entirely synthetic, built from public information and a statistical  analysis of real power systems. It bears no relation to the actual grid in this location, except that generation and load profiles are similar. The case is provided in PowerWorld format, Matpower format, PSS/E raw format, and PSLF epc format, along with the corresponding files for the transient stability models.
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